Stainless Steel Straight Sided Buckets With Lids

At Fallsdell we can Offer You Two main Options:

  • Tapered, 304 grade (SH549)
  • Straight Sided, 316 grade (CH 1602)

Product Brochure & Manual


Model CH 1602 Buckets:

  • 316 grade stainless steel
  • 1.2mm thick
  • Straight Sided
  • Fully Polished
  • complete with Lid

Two Available sizes:

  1. CH1602-20: 20L: 280mm dia x 350mm deep
  2. CH1602-25: 25L : 280mm dia x 420mm deep

Also Available:

CH1602-20PC: 20L Bucket with Pouring Lip and Lid

Additional Information

Model & Capacity

ModelCapacityDiameter SizeDepth SizeAction
CH1602-20PC20 Ltr300mm340mm
CH1602-2020 Ltr280mm350mm
CH1602-2525 Ltr280mm420mm