PTK High Shear Mixer Granulators

Dry powder mixing, wet powder mixing & granulation. Efficiently designed for small to large production batch mixing of pharmaceutical dry powder blends and wet granulation formulations using the combined actions of the impeller, chopper and liquid binders. The PM series of PTK mixer granulators are particularly well suited to operations where blend content uniformity, moisture dispersion and granule particle control are required.

Product Brochure & Manual



Lab series Laboratory Mixer

The PTK PM-C Lab series is designed for the production of dry mixtures and wet granulates for small and smallest batches. The user-friendly HMI is designed for easy operation and all products specifications can be saved. The bowls can be quickly changed using the tri-clover system.

  • Quick and Easy bowl change via tri-clover fittings
  • Complete product control, save and recall all parameters
  • Measure amps, time, temperatures, chopper, impeller RPM
  • Print product reports
  • Mixing units can completely and easily be dismounted and cleaned
  • Mobile unit with wheels
  • Use for mixing, granulating and drying processes
  • Binder hopper
  • *Optional temperature sensor
  • Exhaust filter
  • Safety interlocked

Additional Information

Model & Capacity

SeriesWorking VolumeAction
Laboratory High Shear Mixer0.65 to 6.6 Litres
Small Scale High Shear Mixer3.8 to 75 Litres
Production High Shear Mixer85 to 640 Litres