Powder Plus Dissolver


Incorporating our tried and proven hygienic hi-flow design in-line emulsifier, the Powder Plus Dissolver will induct powders and liquids, premix, dissolve and emulsify all in one operation.

The Powder Plus Dissolver will draw powders and liquids under vacuum from the stainless steel hopper into the product liquid stream. This is achieved by the specially designed induction venturi manifold. The manifold premixes the powder and liquids then emulsifies all in the one in-line operation.

Our Standard Units Specs:

  • 4kw & 7.5kw TEFC Motors,
  • Silicon cartridge on a carbon mechanical seal,
  • All 316 grade Polished Stainless Steel wetted parts,
  • 50L Stainless Steel Hopper with Butterfly Valve
  • Mobile Stainless Trolley.

Product Brochure & Manual


  • Made in Australia
  • Hygienic, quick clean design
  • No tools required
  • High flow impeller
  • Interchangeable screens
  • External seal design
  • IP66 Rated T.E.F.C. motors
  • Stainless steel motor
  • Flameproof motor, Exe or Exd
  • Double flush seals
  • Stainless Steel Loading Tray
  • Electric Controls

Additional Information

Model & Capacity

ModelMotorCapacityLiquid InletHopper OutletProduct OutletAction
PPD404.0kw350 L/min38mm Dia50mm Dia38mm Dia
PPD757.5kw600 L/min50mm Dia63mm Dia50mm Dia