Metal Detectors for Food Processing

Quality control and reporting demands on the manufacturer/grower are more stringent than ever, so too is the demand for superior and reliable inspection systems that satisfy supermarket, food industry and industry standard requirements. Our A&D Inspection range now includes the A&D industrial Metal Detectors cleverly manufactured to detect metal contaminants in packaged products, and contributes to the delivery of safe consumer goods. It is Japanese designed to provide an exceptional level of performance, accuracy and reliability, and the compact frame ensures minimal factory space is taken up. A&D Weighing is proud to provide you with this innovative Inspection range, helping to protect the welfare of your customers, and to safeguard your production processes and brand reputation.


Product Brochure & Manual


  • Protected from dust and water (IP65 Standards)
  • Hygenic design which can be operated in a wet environment and washed down after use
  • Automatic sensitivity setting function
  • Easy operation with 7 inch colour touch panel
  • variable belt speed of 10-60m/min
  • Standard ethernet i/o allowing easy networking via LAN
  • Inspection history function can record up to 100 inspection results
  • Maintenance & cleaning is simple with detachable conveyor belt.

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Model & Capacity

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