AZO InLine Mixer Emulsifier Type zoatec® IL

Whether as a standalone machine or as a component in our batch and continuous plants: Our innovative homogeniser always guarantees maximum performance and process accuracy. The unique design is what sets the InLine zoatec® IL mixer apart from all conventional rotor-stator systems. The innovative and outstanding design with product flow away from the drive results the mechanical seal having the longest useful life of any comparable technical solutions and it can be replaced without dismantling the connected pipelines. The mixer is fully CIP/SIP compatible and meets the most stringent requirements for hygiene thanks to the GMP-compliant design. In addition, the use of conventional O-ring gaskets, moulded gaskets, a single or a double-acting mechanical seal is feasible without making changes to the standard design. The required drive power can be optimally adapted to the products and desired outputs. Motors are supplied as standard in a high energy efficiency class and are based on the delivery program of standard motors. The Homogeniser can also be used as a CIP pump thanks to its high pump capacity.

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AZO Advantages

  • Unique rotor-stator principle
  • Product flow away from the drive – long useful life of the mechanical seal
  • Can be used as a CIP pump
  • Patented pump mode for gentle handling
  • Easy inspection and cleaning
  • Maximum performance and process accuracy


Additional Information

Model & Capacity

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