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Processing Vessel

Processing Vessel, “FRYMA” model VME500, 300L min capacity and 750L max capacity, size: 1000mm dia x 1000mm deep, Steam Jacket with DT: 140 degrees and DP:250kpa, internal Vessel is Vacuum rated, dished bottom with two outlets, a bottom/side scraper driven by a geared motor, and bottom entry inline 9kw emulsifier (toothed colloid mill type) feeding back into the vessel via a three way valve; dished top with multiple inlets, pressure and temperature gauges and top mounted high speed mixer with cavitation disk and 1.5mm perforated de-aerating screen for the emulsified product driven by a three phase two speeds 6.5/9hp motor running at 960/720rpm, the vessel has the capabilities of hydraulic lift out lid and bowl tilting along with full controls, 316 grade stainless steel wetted parts

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