For the fully automatic production of liquid to past-like products AZO LIQUIDS has developed a new generation of batch and continuous processing plants with an innovative homogeniser. The well-conceived design of the processing plants sets it apart from all conventional systems. Complete processing plants are assembled from standardised modules. An individually adapted software with maintenance and cleaning procedures is included. The validation and qualification of processes are part of our service. Our plants are optimally tailored to your processes, your recipes, your premises and your operating sequences – because we listen to you.

Since 1964 Capmatic’s unique packaging systems, unmatched passion for excellence and innovation provided its customers the means to adapt to the changing market within the Pharmaceutical, Diagnostic, Bio-Medical, Nutraceutical, Health Care, Cosmetic & Beauty Care, Chemical and Food & Beverage Industries.

I.Holland is world’s largest manufacturer and exporter of tablet compression tooling to the Pharmaceutical, Veterinary, Food and Beverage, Cosmetics, Confectionery, Chemical, household products, batteries and associated industries…

PTK Manufacture a range of rotary tablet pressesm auto capsule filling machines, coating machines and high speed mixers with stylish designs, robust structures and state of the art performance for the Pharmaceutical, Food and associated industries…

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SOTAX leads the way in the development and manufacture of high-quality pharmaceutical testing equipment and associated services. Their equipment is used worldwide in the development and production processes within the pharmaceutical science and associated industries.

CI specialise in the design and manufacture of precision weighing systems for quality assurance in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. Our areas of expertise include precision weighing, product handling, electronic design, software design, GMP and validation. We have a strong technical team and develop and manufacture all of our own products.

A&D AND Weighing
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A&D Weighing has obtained an exceptional reputation for delivering quality, precision and reliability. Our weighing instruments and weight scales form an integral part of manufacturing and testing processes in a range of sectors, including industry, science, and education – both locally and around the globe.

With global knowledge, local manufacturing, and a highly skilled local team, we’re the best choice when you need factory automation, calibration services, system design or integration projects. To discover our full range of weighing equipment, as well as our many other products and services, please make a selection from the menu above and browse our online weight scales.

Galaxy Sivtek, an ISO 9001 : 2015 company, is leader in manufacturing industrial sieves, separators and filters to achieve high quality products and ensure that your powders, granules and liquids are free from contamination and foreign particles. We also offer genuine after market spares to ensure that your production lines are always running. We have experience of more than 25 years in design, development, manufacture and customization of Vibro separators and have 10000+ successful projects under their belt.